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  • Eddy-Current Separator

    Eddy-Current Separator

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    Eddy-Current Separator

    Working principle

    The sorting technique is according to different materials has different conductivity. The principle is based on two important physical phenomena: An alternating magnetic field that changes over time is always accompanied by an alternating electric field (electromagnetic induction law); Current-carrying conductors generate a magnetic field (Biot-Savart law)

    Scope of application:

    This equipment can be widely used in metal sorting of waste treatment, scrapped cars, electric vehicles, household appliances recover and other environmental protection areas, as well as the sorting and treatment of non-ferrous metal processing industry materials and other industries.

    Recover copper, aluminum, stainless steel non-ferrous metal from the ground material of car dismantling plant; 

    Recover aluminium and copper from copper&aluminum casting sand and smelting ash;

    Recover nonferrous metals from the crushing materials of waste motor; 

    Recover aluminum from household waste, industrial waste, electronic waste, waste  aluminum doors and windows.

    Structural feature:

    1.The Eddy-Current Separator is easy to operate and convenient to install, and can be effectively connected with the new or existing production lines.

    2.For a variety of non-ferrous metal sorting, it has good effect, great adaptability and reliable mechanical structure. It has the characteristics of strong repulsion force (adjustable) and high sorting efficiency

    3.It can sort the different size of materials due to the different turning direction of magnetic roller.

    4. It is unsuitable to sort much fine particles nonferrous metals.

    5. It is unsuitable to sort ferrous metals.

    6.The more even the material size is, the better sorting effect of the machine.

    Model Belt Width(mm) Motor Power(kw) Processing capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Overall dimension(mm)
    ECS-600 650 4 6 1100 4590*1750*1700
    ECS-800 800 5.5 7.5 1200 4670*1960*1730
    ECS-1000 1000 5.5 9 1400 4750*2200*1770
    ECS-1200 1200 7.5 12 1500 4820*2450*1810

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