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  • Integrated-type Copper Wire Granulator

    Integrated-type Copper Wire Granulator

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    Scope of application:

    Crushing and separating copper and plastic of various of waste  wires/cable;

    Separating the Copper,Iron and aluminum from the crushed Cu-Al radiator.

    Structural feature:

    Integrated  structure,small occupied area, easy to use and move. It can works as soon as the power on on the flat ground.

    It adopts PLC control cabinet,easy to operate.

    As an important part of copper and plastic separating, the gravity separator adopts the Italian air flow suspension separating process, and the vibration frequency and material floating air supply strength can be precisely adjusted according to different materials.

    The crushing system adopts SKD-11 alloy cutting tool, the processing hardness can reach HR58. It can ensure the crushing blade a high-wearing resistance as well as a certain tenacity during works. Designed as splayed alternate shearing structure, makes the crushing more easily.

    The equipment used for crushing the electric wire adopts the water cooling system to avoid the heat and melting of the material during long working hours.

    The complete plant is fully enclosed,and equipped with the advanced pulse dust collector, can prevent environmental pollution effectively .

    The copper recovery rate of this equipment reaches 99%, if you want to further sorting, our electrostatic separator can be further sorted.


    Model Power of Crusher
    Power of Air conveying
    Power of Air separating
    Power of Dust Collector
    Overall Dimension (mm)
    CG400 15 / 0.75+2.2 0.75 100-150 1800 2000*1850*2600
    CG600 37 3 3.75 2.2 300-400 3500 4200*1900*3800

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    2 (10)

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