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  • Brief Introduction To The Composition And Function Of Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant 

    Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant also call waste tire refining equipment is a complete system that can recycle waste tires to tire oil, carbon black, combustible gas, steel etc. Today,   Henan Suyuan Lanning Technology Co., Ltd will introduce to you the various components and their functions of waste tire pyrolysis equipment .

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    This is a reactor with a half-open door inlet. After opening the inlet, fill the broken waste tires or whole tires into it. Depending on the size of the furnace, 5-20 tons or even more waste tires can be filled. 


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    The volatile substances produced in the pyrolysis process mainly include heavy oil (liquid), light oil (gas), cracked gas and a small amount of water steam. These substances enter the oil gas separator through the pipeline. In the separator, the heavy oil (about 2% of the mass of the waste tire) sinks to the residual oil tank, and the gas oil enters the circulating water cooling system through the pipeline.


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    The main function of the dedusting tower is to remove dust and filter the flue gas after cooling, and to remove harmful substances in the flue gas so that the exhaust gas discharged meets environmental protection standards.


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     Storge the heavy oil (about 2% of the mass of the waste tire) from the oil gas separator .


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    Light oil and gas enter the water cooling pond and cooling tower to condense and then enter the oil storage tank. The cooling pool and cooling tower is used to cool the oil and gas through circulating water, so that the oil and gas become liquid oil and stored in the oil storage tank.

    The left side of the picture is the water cooling pond; The right side is the water cooling tower.


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    The water seal is a safety device that contains water. The gas enters the water seal from the oil tank,passes through the water, then through the pipes to the waste combustion chamber. The gas burned in the waste combustion chamber and supply heat to the reactor again.

    The main equipment of tire pyrolysis plant is as above. In addition to these main equipment, there are some auxiliary equipment which can makes the work more easily, such as:


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    The hydraulic auto feeder can push full tire inside automatically and load extra more 2mt-3mt tire than conveyor belt or by Human.

    (2) Coke discharge System

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    This pyrolsis plant discharge coke automatically assembled with the rotating connection unit ,appling the negative pressure discharging system. No pollution and good seal .

    Post time: May-08-2021
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